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me at girl night

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How do you know if you’re good in the outside but actually you’re fighting against the fact that you’re actually just a mean bitch and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Actually hate my life right now.



lol grammar puns

I laughed too much at this

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I love this photo of us.
You are my best friend in the whole world and I know you may not replicate these feelings but I genuinely wish you all the happiness in the world. You make me the happiest girl and I love every second we spend together. We do always have the most fun. I respect our differences and you open my mind to a more direct way of thinking. It’s great to finally have someone to rest my head on when shits going down and to have someone to look after with my whole heart when you’re struggling with life.
I know I say it a lot but I genuinely do love you; you’re like the sister I never had, the best friend I should have gone through adolescence with, my classy girl to lunch with, the crazy outgoing music lover to go to gigs with, and my wrinkly old gal I plan to spend my retirement with :)
I’m here for you forever. And I know you’ll never see this. But you’re the best friend I’ve ever had and I love every second we spend together and I honestly do hope this lasts the long time.

Happy birthday to this gorgeous gal! #exotic #tropical #funday #birthday


Welcome to Night Vale brings me happiness c:
So I always draw art relating to it \(°ω°)/
Art by me

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